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Have all harmfull radiation removed from your home in just one session

This is a unique new method, that ensures a permanent result! I was given this technique by the Angels I work with and consists of frequency healing. 
Just one session is all that is needed for your entire house including all of the premises, such as the garden, balcony, roof terrace, yard or grounds.
This also covers all the electrical appliances you have, TV sets, computers, cell phones, laptop, etc. The mobile devices will be harmonized in such a way that they will remain safe even outside your  home.
And in addition, any earth radiation (ley lines) that is present will be neutralised as well, fully and permanently.
My method saves you a lot of money, because you won't need to buy any stones, orbs, diodes or other products. This method uses an entirely different approach, whose time has come. Read all about it on this page!

About this wonderful new method
What kinds of radiation are we talking about?
How does it work?
Advantages of this method
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How will you know if this method really works?
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Are you worried about the effects of harmful radiation upon your health? Nowadays you can find a great deal of information about the harmful effects of all kinds of radiation, such as EMF (electromagnetic fields) radiation coming from electrical appliances, TVs and computers, microwave ovens, cell towers, high power tension lines and the most recent addition to this long list: smart meters. Increasingly, scientific studies become available that show the detrimental influence of living in a "sea of radiation" in our modern day lives.
It is therefore a good idea to look into how you might lessen the amount of harmful radiation in your life, especially in your home and workplace.

Fortunately, you do not have to be at the mercy of all this radiation coming at you from so many directions. That is good news for all of us, but even more so for babies and young children, and for people who noticeably feel the harmful effects that radiation has on their health, sleeping pattern or energy levels.
It is now possible to clear your whole living space from all the harmful radiation in it, in just one session. This is done by changing the nature of the radiation from harmful to the human body, to neutral, which causes it to no longer be taxing on your system. The radiation is no longer harmful to your health! Your home is safe again, and you can watch TV, sit at your computer and even sleep healthily, whether there is a socket right above your head, a TV in the bedroom and an electrical alarm clock beside your bed. This will no longer have a detrimental influence on your health.

About this wonderful new method
I was given this method of harmonising all forms of harmful radiation by the angels, and it really works like the proverbial charm! I am still amazed at how wonderful it is that "just like that" all radiation in your house is rendered harmless! And talking about speed: this method works immediately and the result is permanent.
How is this possible?
The energy developments on earth are speeding up more and more. I am talking about the new spiritual energies that are reaching our earth. (Read more about this on the page "Philosophical Background".) Because of this, more things become possible all the time, for instance in the area of healing, and results are achieved ever quicker. I see this clearly in my healing practice.
I started buying various products for my home many years ago in order to protect myself and my partner from harmful radiation. At first, you could buy all kinds of diodes and small chips that you had to attach to each and every electrical appliance and lamp in your house. For your cell phone you had to buy yet another product. There were also inventions to put on your meter box or fuse box. Later on I came across larger objects that you could place in your house that had a working range of some meters, covering (supposedly) your entire living space.
I bought all of these and when you do that, you spend a lot of money. And still my home was nog healthy as far as radiation goes, which I would ascertain with my pendulum. I don't mean to say that there aren't any good products out there. But it wasn't until I was given this method by the angels that I was able to make my house completely safe as far as radiation goes. That is why I am so excited about this method. I really enjoy making other people's homes more healthy with this beautiful and efficient method.

What kinds of radiation are we talking about?
My method neutralises or harmonises all kinds of unhealthy radiation:
- EMF radiation from outlets and sockets, the fuse box        and all the electrical appliances in your home;
- radiation from wireless devices, such as cordless                phones, baby intercom, Wi-Fi, etc.;
- radiation from television screens, monitors, laptop;
- radiation from cell phones and smart phones;
- radiation from cell towers, relay stations and radio/TV      towers;
- radiation from high-tension cables, power lines,                overhead lines for trains and trams;
- and even earth radiation, see below.

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