My name is Mariken Zwart and I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with my partner Marcel. I was born in 1957.
After a religious upbringing and a non-religious college time, I started my spiritual journey in 1986. Over the years I read many books, went to a lot of workshops and courses, did much inner work, and gradually found my own truth and developed my sense of what I could do with my life to make a contribution to bringing Heaven on Earth for all of us.

In my healing practice I work mostly from a distance. I enjoy connecting with people through the Internet and by email and I have found that distance healing works just as well as seeing someone in person. Receiving healing from a distance is an excellent and very efficient choice if you want to improve the quality of your life.

In my practice I work with healing angels. Besides helping me with the healings, they are able to harmonize and neutralize all kinds of unhealthy radiation, such as from cell phones, TV screens, computers, WiFi, electrical wiring, smart meters and even earth radiation. You can read more about radiation protection by clicking here.

By the way, my partner Marcel is a professional coach. His wonderful wisdom and youthful sense of humor are backed by 2 decades of experience. Should you wish to consult him by Skype or phone you can reach him at marcelzwart@upcmail.nl

How to pronounce "Mariken"

Mariken is a medieval Dutch name, derived from Maria or Mary, the mother of Jesus.

The name consists of 3 syllables (Ma - ri - ken) and is pronounced as follows:

Ma: the "a" is pronounced like the "a" in Yahoo! or the last "a" in America

ri - sounds the same as in "to read"

ken = is pronounced like the last syllable in the word

Finally, the emphasis in Mariken is on the second syllable: Mariken.

Can you put it all together?

My surname is impossible to pronounce properly for an English speaking person,
so I won't trouble you with that.  :)
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