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The importance of forgiving
What exactly is forgiveness?
Far-reaching effects of forgiveness on a soul level
How does a forgiveness session work?
Privacy and confidentiality
What do I need for a successful Forgiveness Journey?
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The importance of forgiving

Forgiving yourself or another is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.
Not being able to forgive yourself or someone else, or not wanting to, has a great impact on your entire system. Like all negative emotions it forms obstructions in your body that hinder its proper functioning and can lead to problems. Psychologically speaking, grudges, hatred, blame, regret and pain are burdens that can weigh you down considerably. Not forgiving can slow down your spiritual growth and make it more difficult to allow good things into your life. It will often block your progress with regard to problems you face and you may find that things refuse to get better, no matter what you do.

That is why self-blame as well as not forgiving others can be an obstacle to healing. No matter how many salutary and healing energies or unconditional love are sent your way in a healing session, if you cannot let it in –because subconsciously you feel you don't deserve it– it cannot reach you and will not be able to work for you.

What exactly is forgiveness?

A variety of viewpoints exist on what forgiveness actually is. To me, forgiveness means that when you think back on what happened, you no longer feel strong negative emotion. When it concerns forgiving yourself, then thinking back will not stir up guilt, shame or very strong feelings of regret within you. When it is other people, you know you have forgiven them when remembering what happened or thinking about them no longer brings up feelings of hatred, rage, anger, helplessness, deep pain, rancour or revenge. It is not that you don't still care about what happened, but you are now able to look at it from a different place within yourself, a place of acceptance, wisdom and peace.

Forgiveness does not mean you agree with what happened, or that it doesn't matter to you. It doesn't mean you condone it or that it would be fine with you if it would happen again. Forgiveness means you are no longer tormented by the event(s).
Forgiving, then, is something you do for yourself. It is a healing process that you consciously and deliberately enter into, a path you choose because you want to heal the pain. Forgiving is not an obligation and you cannot demand it from yourself, and neither from others. You can, however, choose to take this journey, because you have come to realize that not forgiving does great harm to yourself and that to carry guilt or hatred within is a very heavy burden.

It is also not about how somebody else should forgive you. If you have done something to another person, then the only power you have is to forgive yourself and learn from what you did. You have no control over what someone else does or does not do. Whether or not they forgive you, is their personal journey. That is not up to you and me. But what is up to you, is your own journey.
The good thing is, you are not dependant on whether or not someone else forgives you. You have the opportunity to forgive yourself and heal yourself. Through realising what you have done, forgiving yourself and fully respecting the other person's inner journey, whether they will ever forgive you or not, you give them a gift as well. On some level, this will help this person with their own process. If you allow someone to never forgive you, you remove many negative bonds between you. This gift of respect and freedom that you give the other person has a healing effect on both of you, regardless of whether you ever speak with this person about it or not.

When you have not yet forgiven, you often cannot imagine that it would be possible to forgive what has occurred. Don't let this stop you from taking the journey toward forgiveness. Remember, you are doing this for yourself and it is a courageous and loving action you are taking - consciously and knowingly starting your own healing journey. Sometimes this journey is vital - people who have lived through horrible experiences have often realised at some point that their toxic emotions would destroy them if they didn't take up the task of forgiving.

Forgiving certainly is work, it is an inner growth journey that takes effort to achieve. But you are not facing it alone. There is great support from the invisible realms for those who sincerely strive to forgive.

Far-reaching effects of forgiveness on a soul level

Truly, with sincere effort, conscientiously and from the heart, engaging in a process of forgiving, has many effects on a soul level. It cannot be expressed in words just how much good you accomplish for yourself and all involved when you sincerely work on forgiving, with a pure intention.
Sometimes the healing effects even extend across larger connections, such as the group you are part of (e.g. a family or a social group). For example: say you were a victim in a country where genocide took place. If you come to forgive the perpetrators, you contribute to the possibility of reconciliation between the ethnic groups involved, even if you never speak about it. Your individual journey of forgiveness has a beneficial effect on these groups of people. It will have a healing outcome and on a subconscious level it will make it easier for others to be able to forgive. So, forgiving is not only of great importance for the quality of your own life and your mental and emotional well-being, but it even has results that cross the boundaries of this life. Think of your soul, "karma", other lives you will yet live in the future and even lives you have lived in the past – they will all be impacted in a healing way by your forgiving.

That healing is so very important, is made clear by the help being offered from the Realms of Love and Light. During a forgiveness session very high beings are present and the energy of forgiveness is beautiful to see. Forgiving truly is a divine process.

How does a forgiveness session work?

The actual forgiveness session is preceded by a healing journey, that is geared to the individual client's needs. This journey is your preparation for the forgiveness session. In this session, that concludes the healing journey, angels from the Realms of Love and Light will send you powerful forgiveness energies. During the preceding healing journey you will have prepared yourself to be able to truly receive and allow these powerful energies, enabling you to forgive yourself or others. The forgiveness journey consists of a number of assignments that you will carry out in order to make it possible for you to forgive. What these assignments are, depends on who you wish to forgive (yourself or another/others, or both) and what you want to forgive yourself/the other person(s) for.

* What the journey will always entail

The first essential step in your forgiveness journey is to be open about what has happened. This you do by telling me about it in an email. Speaking (or writing) about what happened has powerful consequences and begins the healing process. It is also an indispensable step. Naturally, complete confidentiality is of the utmost importance, for you need to feel completely safe in disclosing what went on. It can be very hard to speak about something that has hurt you deeply or something that you are ashamed of. All personal information will therefore remain 100% confidential and go no further than you and me, also after the healing journey is completed. Under no circumstances will I violate your trust or break this pledge of confidentiality.

Subsequent assignments will be determined by your account of what has happened, thus tailoring the journey to your specific and individual needs.

* What the journey does not entail

You will not be asked to contact the people you intend to forgive or the people you have harmed in some way. If you feel the desire for contact, you can always do so after completing your entire forgiveness journey. This is then your own personal choice, and if this feels right to you, you could do this. But you will not be asked to do so by me, for the following reasons:
First of all, this can be too hard or too scary to do and prevent people from taking up the important work of forgiving.
Secondly, it is not necessary for a successful forgive-ness journey to contact the other people involved. Forgiving is first and foremost inner work, that is done within yourself and for yourself. The only person you need for this, is you, and in this case, your forgiveness coach (me).
And third, it is not always possible to contact the other person(s). They may have died, or you may not be able to find them. Fortunately, this does not stand in the way of forgiving.

* The actual forgiveness session

When you have completed all your preparatory assignments, you will have gone through a substantial inner process. Things will have shifted within you, and you probably will be feeling differently with regard to what happened. You have grown.
You are now ready to actively forgive. You will be assisted in this process by beings from the Realms of Love and Light. During the forgiveness session they will be sending you unconditional love and powerful forgiveness energies. This session takes place on a date and time that is scheduled with the client and takes about half an hour. You will be asked to do some things to prepare yourself and you will consciously experience the session. During the 30 minute session you open yourself to the energies that are being sent to you. These energies are, again, tuned to you personally. The huge amounts of love the angels and other high beings will be sending you, will help you to take the soul leap toward forgiving. Your forgiveness journey has prepared you to truly allow this forgiveness now. The only thing you need is a sincere desire to forgive. The rest will be taken care of.

We will of course be in contact after the forgiveness session to share what happened.
Sometimes the session will shift a lot for you right away and sometimes it may take a while before you notice things changing. However it may feel for you, rest assured that a world of good is accomplished in the forgiveness session (see under Far-reaching effects of forgiveness on a soul level).

Privacy and confidentiality

It goes without saying that throughout the entire journey absolute confidentiality is of the highest importance, for you to feel safe and secure. It can be very hard to speak about something that has hurt you deeply or something that you are ashamed of. All personal information will therefore remain 100% confidential and go no further than you and me, also after the healing journey is completed. Under no circumstances will I violate your trust or break this pledge of confidentiality, you can rely on that. In this way you can feel free to take this very important and personal journey.

What do I need for my forgiveness journey?

In order to successfully complete a forgiveness journey, you will need:

- A sincere desire to forgive: either yourself, someone else or a number of people, as well as the desire to come to terms with what has happened;

- The willingness to complete all assignments. These assignments will require you to do some inner work, such as putting into words things you would rather not ever speak about or face feelings you'd rather not face;

- The willingness to enter into a relationship with me as your forgiveness coach that is based on trust. Perhaps there are things you have never told anyone, and yet your first, essential step is to be completely open about what happened. For my part, I guarantee that absolutely everything that passes between us, down to the smallest detail, will go no further than you and me and remain 100% confidential. See also Privacy and confidentiality above. The success of the entire forgiveness journey, which is an intensive, deep and very personal quest, depends on your complete sincerity and honesty and therefore on my total trustworthiness with regard to your personal story;

- The willingness to be completely honest and genuine in doing the assignments and in your communication with me.

Start your Forgiveness Journey

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