The philosophy behind Heavenly Healing

If you are in any way familiar with modern spirituality or New Age literature, you will have heard this before: we are living in a very special time. Humanity is currently making a quantum leap into a higher consciousness and we are living in a time in which we have the ability to bring more of Heaven right here on Earth, if we so choose.
In order to make this leap successfully and to raise life on earth to a more Heavenly level, there is an overwhelming abundance of assistance, guidance and support available to us from the Higher Realms. Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, and the entire Spiritual Hierarchy are doing everything they can to help all who ask for their assistance. Abilities that for centuries were only available to a very few are becoming more commonplace, and many kinds of wondrous and wonderful energies are being opened up to humanity in ever more quantities and in more and more ways, to be used for purposes of healing and of growing in awareness and understanding.

The healing and channeling sessions I do, the Guides and Angels who work with me and the energies that are made available to me in my healing work, are situated within this grand awakening and uplifting we are experiencing. More subtle ways of healing are becoming a reality, and healing work is going deeper and deeper, making possible profound changes that would before have taken many years. Healing on many levels is freely given to anyone who feels the heart call to receive it. It is in this light that I invite you to step into this beautiful new way of growing and healing - a way that is heralding the grace, the light and the heavenly qualities of the New Earth.

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