Healing session:                                               $   79.00 *
Forgiveness journey:$ 225.00 *
EMF radiation protection:$ 285.00 *
* At the moment, 1 US$ is approx.:
  AUD 1.35ANG1.79
  CAD 1.30AWG1.79
  EUR  0.91DKK 6.81
  GBP  0.64NOK 8.16
  NZD 1.50ZAR12.41
  For daily currency updates go to               www.currency-converter.net
All sessions are done from a distance.
After a healing session I will send you an email detailing what occurred during the healing session. This email may also include 'homework' for you to do or any advice I received for you during the healing.
A healing session is performed within 14 days after receipt of your payment (depending on the waiting list, so it can be shorter).

The Forgiveness Journey and the EMF radiation protection will begin right after receipt of your order and payment.
Note: all prices are inclusive of 21% Dutch VAT.
No other taxes or costs will be added.
To order a session, click here now or click on the link "Book a Session" on the left hand side on any page.
Prices will be adjusted from time to time to reflect  the  exchange rate between the Euro and the US$. Prices were last adjusted on July 23th, 2015.
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