In my work I adhere to the following standards and ethics:

- I provide the highest quality of work that I can and do my work with the greatest integrity that I am capable of;

- my focus in doing a healing or a channeling is on helping you attain a better quality of life and to further your highest good, soul purpose or life's path;

- I work in conjunction with angels and other beings from the Higher Realms of Love and Light - I never work with beings from lower realms;

- I do not use my skills to 'foretell' the future. I believe the future is not set in stone, but is made moment by moment through the choices people make, their thoughts, feelings and expectations. In my work I aim to make people more aware of the power they have to influence and shape their life;

- I treat your personal data and all personal information as strictly confidential and do not share contact details or other information with third parties;

- I only work at someone's request and not without their permission (this means you cannot ask for a healing for someone else - they should approach me themselves);

- I see people as responsible for their own lives and for making their own decisions - therefore, I do not foster dependency of a client on me nor do I press a client to go in a certain direction;

- I will advise you to take further healing sessions only when I believe this is necessary; whether or not I advise another session, you are of course always welcome to book follow-up sessions if you want to;

- although I deal with subject matter that is both subtle as well as multi-layered I use language that is as clear, no-nonsense and matter-of-fact as I possibly can; if something is not clear to you, feel free to let me know;

- I guarantee to give the best healing that I can. I cannot and therefore do not give guarantees with regard to what the result of a healing will be. What the result of a healing will be depends on many things. For more information about this click on "How effective is healing?" after you click here.

- I believe that in healing a great deal depends on the consciousness of the healer. I therefore believe it is imperative for a healer to keep learning, keep developing oneself and keep working at one's own issues - and I do.

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